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 This photo is of the June 6, 1942 Awards ceremony at Kunming, China.  Bob Neale (7th from left) is looking at his Ten Star wing medal.  Dad  (4th from left) received his Eight Star wing Medal #1.  Six days later Dad reached 10 victories.

Dad, upon his return from "Mother India" with his favorite and only mechanic Irv Gove.  This is one of several photos of Irv Gove in the photo diary.  A good running airplane is hard to beat!

Dad's title for this photo is "Neale's Fearless or Foolish? First Sq."  The players (L-R): Bob Neale, Dad, Bob Little, Charlie Bond, John Blackburn & Bill McGarry.  This group accounted for 50 AVG aerial victories!  Go to Wing Star Medals for aerial victories.
As my dad put it: "The practical joke department."  Since the Japs wanted (needed) something to shoot, the Chinese were most considerate in supplying inviting targets.
In June of 1942, the Japs decided to stay away in droves and thereby turned AVG pilots into avid readers.  The Kweilin alert shack...or maybe it was the library?
Does this fellow look like a draftsman to you?  That was his official occupation as he entered Burma in late 1941.
The First Pursuit.  This appeared in many variations, but it heralded the First Squadron of the AVG: also known as the Adam and Eve's.