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     George kept a diary from September 24, 1941 (2 months and 13 days before Pearl Harbor) until the disbanding of the AVG on July 4, 1942.  From his days working on a newspaper (see bio.) he used the bottom half of each page in the bound diary for his daily entry, reserving the top for corrections, additions, etc.  No entries were ever made in the top half of the pages.

        Other pages in this site include diary entries.  On June 12, 1942 Dad made an entry regarding his last two air combat victories.  On June 6, 1942 Dad made an entry regarding the awarding of medals in Kunming.  The entire page entitled Rangoon has four days of air combat action.  Just click on the links.

   Click on the month in the left border for that month's diary.  The diary is now available on the CD.  It is part of the expanded CD version of this web site, and it runs cuncurrently with the FlipAlbum (tm) Photo Journal.  Order a CD for your permanent collection.   See Order CD