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     A 60 year old manuscript showing a portion of the 'Flying Tigers' history in pictures is finally available to the public.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this photo journal is a 200,000 word first hand history of the First Squadron of the American Volunteer Group to China: 'Flying Tigers'.  Real people, real names, real places, with the details (includes 24 pages of pilot log entries of George Burgard).  This is the long lost story of a 'Flying Tiger' double ace, in his own pictures and words.  (Some of the photos were taken by the group photographer)

     George Burgard's photo journal was transferred to CD-ROM using software called Flip Album.  It contains 180+ copies of original photographs and 180+ captions by George in 1942 explaining the photographs.  The software has a soundtrack, provides full-screen views of the photographs, a search function for names and places, among other things.  A second version of the photo journal is included.  It comprises verbatim scans of the original photo journal on its own web site so you can see George's handwriting and his choice of photo placement.  I would like to know which version you prefer.

   I have completed a CD based version of this web site, and included it with the CD.  The major difference in the two is the quality of the photos of the collection and documents.  I am able to use a higher resolution pages with the CD based web site.  I have also added photos of the majority of the George Burgard AVG collection.  The CD web site can be run concurrently with the Flip Album(tm) Photo Journal, so you can go back and forth with the music in the background.  It's the only way I am going to be able to simulate DSL out here in the country.  I think that you will like these additions.  Like this web site the entire diary is included.  This combination makes a nice reference CD for your library.  Each program on the CD is opened with a single click.   The CD also includes a snazzy copy of the diary in HTML format done by Alain Rougemont.  It is in the folder HTML Diary.  Double click on GTB_diary.

     If you ordered an earlier version of the CD and would like the added features, I'll gladly send you the new version if you'll help me with the costs.  A $5 donation would be appreciated.  Just e-mail me if you want one.
   George Burgard's Flying Tiger Days is not a business operation in spite of the .com designation on this web site.  However, I would very much appreciate a donation of $10 to help maintain this web site and to help me cover the costs of burning and mailing the CD.  Send me an e-mail to to request your CD and I'll get one in the mail to you right away.  In advance, thank you very much for your support.   Donations may be sent to:

                    Lee T. Burgard
                    P.O.B. 670
                    Liberty Hill, TX  78642

   Please take a look at my 8" x 10" print of Dad's June 12th, 1942 fly by of Kweilin airfield after victories 9 & 10. Go to Prints.

   Jean Louis Couston has finished a fine book about the AVG, including many photographs.  Go to AVG Store to see the cover of his new book, and for his address.