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C.L.C Letter
The following letter is transcribed from the original because the original scans poorly and does not create a legible copy for the internet:


Office of Commanding General

                                                                                                       January 22, 1943

Mr. George T. Burgard
529 Chestnut Street,
Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

Dear Mr. Burgard: -

     It is with sincere pleasure that I forward to you herewith the following named decorations which have been awarded to you by the Chinese Government in recognition of your service as a pilot of the American Volunteer Group.

Fourth Grade Cloud Banner Decoration, No. 464.
10-Star Wing Medal, Chinese Air Force, No. 1

     According to the rules of the Chinese Government for the awarding of decorations, medals of the same classification which have been awarded to the individual previously must be returned to the Government before the new decoration can be awarded.  An exception to this rule has been made in the case of the American Volunteer Group pilots to the extent that the decorations and medals will be sent to the individual concerned prior to his returning of the first received decorations.  It is desired to emphasize that the immediate return of the decorations in question must be a matter of honor to the individual, and it is requested that you send the below listed decorations which were previously issued to you via registered air mail to General C. J. Chow, Director of the Commission on Aeronautical Affairs, Chungking, China.

Fifth Grade Cloud Banner Decoration No. 299.
8-Star Wing Medal, Chinese Air Force, No --.

     It would be highly appropriate if you were to write a letter to General Chow, thanking the Chinese Government for the honor bestowed.  Such a letter would be greatly appreciated by the Chinese authorities who did so much for the AVG members while they were in China, and who will always remember with pride the accomplishments of our Group.

     With best wishes for your continued success, and with best personal regards, I am,

                                                                                        Most Sincerely Yours,

                                                                                                                           C. L. CHENNAULT,
                                                                                                                           Brigadier General, AUS,
                                                                                                                           Commanding, CATF.

Ed. Note:  The 8-Star Wing Medal awarded earlier was listed on the reverse of George's Discharge Certificate as No. 1.