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The following agreement is retyped following the original exactly (except for signatures), and as my Dad said in his photo journal:        "How it all started!"


     THIS AGREEMENT made at Tampa, Florida this 27th day of August, 1941, by and between CENTRAL AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING COMPANY, FEDERAL INC., U.S.A., 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y., a corporation organized under the Provisions of an Act of Congress known as "China Trade Act 1922", hereinafter called the Employer, and George T. Burgard residing at 529 Chestnut Street, Sunbury, Pennsylvania hereinafter called Employee


     WHEREAS, the Employer among other things operates an aircraft manufacturing, operating and repair business in China, and

     WHEREAS, the Employer desires to employ the Employee in connection with its business and said Employee desires to enter into such employment,

     NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and the mutual covenants and agreements herein contained, it is agreed between the parties as follows:

     ARTICLE 1.  The Employer agrees to employ the Employee to render such services and perform such duties as the Employer may direct and the Employee agrees to enter the service of the Employer who, in consideration of the Employee's faithfully and diligently performing said duties and rendering said services, will pay to the Employee a salary of Six Hundred dollars United States currency (U. S. $600.00) per month payable monthly on the last business day of each calendar month.

     ARTICLE 2.  The said employment shall become effective and salary payments to the Employee therefore shall begin as from the date of the Employee's reporting in person to the Employer's representative at the port of departure from the United States (which port shall be designated to the Employee by Employer), such date to be not later than September 12, 1941, and shall continue for one year after the date on which the Employee shall arrive at the point of entry to China (which port shall be designated by the Employer to the Employee prior to the latter's departure from the United States) unless sooner terminated as hereinafter provided.  The Employee undertakes to report to the Employer's representative at the said port of entry immediately upon arrival there.  After the expiration of the said term of one year this contract shall continue in effect on the same terms and conditions unless and until  terminated by either party on 30 days written notice.

     ARTICLE 3.  The Employer agrees to pay all reasonable travel costs to the Employee from Tampa, Florida to the place in China to which the Employee may be directed to proceed, including:

     (a)  First class railroad fare and berth, if necessary, by the most direct rout to point of departure from the United States plus U. S. $3.00 per day for meals en route.
     (b)  Actual cost of passport and visas.
     (c)  Reasonable cost of hotel and meals while awaiting ocean transportation in accordance with travel instructions of the Employer.
     (d)  Transportation to port of entry to China.
     (e)  The sum of U. S. $100.00 for contingent expenses en route to port of entry.
     (f)  Actual expenses from the port of entry to the designated destination in China to be accounted for by the Employee to the Employer.

     ARTICLE 4.  At the expiration of this contract the Employer agrees to pay to the Employee in addition to the sums elsewhere stipulated in this contract the sum of U. S. $500.00 in lieu of Employee's return transportation cost from China to the United States.

     ARTICLE 5.  The Employer reserves the right to terminate this contract summarily by written notice to the Employee in the event of misconduct of the employee in any one of the following categories:

     (a)  Insubordination;
     (b)  Revealing confidential information;
     (c)  Habitual use of drugs;
     (d)  Excessive use of alcoholic liquors;
     (e)  Illness or other disability incurred not in the line of duty and as a result of Employee's own misconduct; or
     (f)  Malingering.

In the event of termination of this contract for any of the causes above mentioned under (a) to (f) inclusive of this ARTICLE 5, the Employer shall not be obligated to pay the return travel allowance provided for in Article above nor have any further obligations to the Employee under this contract except that the Employee shall be entitled to the earned portion of his salary computed to the date on which written notice of termination is given by the Employer under the provisions of this ARTICLE 5.

     Article 6.  In the event of the total disability or death of the Employee suffered in line of duty the Employer upon receipt of proof of such total disability or death shall immediately pay to the Employee or to Employee's designated beneficiary as the case may be a sum equal to six months' salary at the monthly rate provided in ARTICLE 1 hereof.  In the event of total disability the Employer shall defray the expenses of transportation of the Employee to the United States.  In the event of death the Employer shall defray the expenses of a decent burial of the remains.  The Employee agrees that he has in good standing a policy of U. S. Government Insurance in the amount of $10,000.00, Policy No............., plus disability benefits and hereby authorizes  the Employer to pay the premiums on said insurance during the period of this employment and to deduct the amount of said premiums from the pay of said Employee.

     ARTICLE 7.  In addition to the payments provided for elsewhere in this contract, the Employer shall provide or cause to be provided to the Employee free of charge:

     (a)  Suitable living quarters or an allowance of U. S. $30.00 per month in lieu thereof.
     (b)  Necessary motor transportation.
     (c)  Suitable medical and dental service.

     ARTICLE 8.  The Employee shall be entitled to leave with pay as follows:

     (a)  One month's leave during the first year of employment at such time or times as his services can best be spared.
     (b)  Similarly in the event of additional service beyond the first year, leave for a period equal to 1/12 of the duration of such additional service.
     (c)  Sick leave with pay if and as necessary, not to exceed one month in any period of one year.

     IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Employer and Employee have executed this agreement in quadruplicate, of which two copies are retained by each party.

                                                                                                     FEDERAL INC., U. S. A.

Witness:  F. L. Brown                                                 By:  McLaid N. Clworth (?)

Witness:  W. H. Sprugeon Jr. (?)                                        GEORGE T. BURGARD