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AVG Reunions
     For many years the 'Flying Tigers' (AVG) held reunions at the Ojai Valley Inn and Country Club in Ojai, California.  The photographs on this page were taken at the 15 year reunion, held at Ojai, by my mother, Helen Burgard.  I hope you enjoy them.

   Miss Flying Tiger 1957 was Jane Mansfield.  Here the Old Man is attaching her official name tag.  I don't believe that the General found this tough work.  Lydia Rossi disagrees - she notes the banner is on upside down.
    At the pool: CW from TR: Bus Keeton, R.T. Smith, Marion Layher, Helen Burgard, Red Hanks, and Mazie Hill.
   CW from the helmeted  George Wingshee, ???, 'Oley' Olson, 'Moose ' Moss, Cliff Groh, 'Bus' Loane, George Burgard, 'Bus' Keeton, William McGarry.

   Can anyone name the man to the right of George Wingshee?
     'Oley' Olson is paying off Jim Cross for a golf game that didn't work out in his favor.
     Believe it or not, Bob Prescott is asking:  "Who put the cement in the underarm deodorant?"  In my opinion, Bob was a wonderful man and a lot of fun.
     Lydia Rossi believes it's everyone's opinion that Bob was a wonderful man and a lot of fun.  She's probably right!
     L to R: Bus Keeton, Jim Cross, George Burgard, and 'Oley' Olson.  Pretty neat single golf carts, eh?
    This is the General's beautiful wife Anna.