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Catalog of George Burgard’s A.V.G. Collection

   Click on the "button" down the left hand side of the page and go to the photo of the collection item.  The web site on the CD has much larger high resolution photos of the collection since it doesn't have the restrictions of slow speed internet travel.  They are quite nice if I do say so myself.
    Ten Star Wing Medal #1 (only two ever issued by Chinese)

    Fourth Order of the Cloud Banner #464 (only two issued to AVG)

    Original letter dated January 22, 1943 from C. L. Chennault awarding 10 Star & 4th Grade CB

    Medal in Commemoration of Victory of the War of Resistance Against Aggression #0056

    U.S.A.F. Distinguished Flying Cross and Certificate

   Original Discharge Certificate, with war record, signed by C. L. Chennault

    Reverse of Discharge Certificate with Combat Record

   Original Passport used by George with Visa stamps

    Original CAMCO telegram sent to George

    Original CAMCO contract for A.V.G. service

    Original ID issued in Burma

    Original Royal Air Force Burma “Pass” No 1763

    F.A.V.G. Banquet program of April 2, 1942

    Original June 20, 1942 Kweilin Party Notice

    Original Chinese Wings issued to George Burgard

     Flight Commander Epaulettes

    Original Chinese Service Buttons

   Original AVG "Flying Tiger" pin give to George by the AVG

    Original Blood Chit #0207

   Original Ribbons

     Original F.A.V.G. shirt with embroidery

   Original Flight Log Book for the A.V.G. campaign

    Original "Pappy" Paxton A.V.G. Accounting Letter

   Original Diary written by GTB

    Original Photo Diary compiled by GTB (180 original photographs)

    Original A.V.G. membership card signed by C. L. Chennault

    Original made in China ‘FLYTIGER’ Cigarettes package

     Silk scarf given to George by the Generalissimo at the April 2, 1942 dinner at Kunming.  It is embroidered with 29 pilots signatures and the A.A.F. and C.A.F. pilot's wings.

     14" X 19" B&W photo of a P-40 with hand painted insignia by George Burgard in 1942

Look Magazine November 2, 1943
Saturday Evening Post Magazine February 12, 1944
Colliers Magazine December 26, 1942
Colliers Magazine October 3, 1942

8 mm Movie Film

There are too many newspaper clippings and other photos to mention in this space