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July '42
July 1, 1942                                                                                        Kweilin - Chungking - Kunming

Wednesday -- Up at 4 A.M. and off with Jim and several others for Chungking in the General's ship.  This has been one wild day.  Arrived at Chungking at * A.M. got orders to be ready to leave for Kunming at noon on our way home.  Evidently they don't need me for the extra two weeks so I said nothing and got ready to go.  Jim and I sold practically everything we owned in 30 minutes at any price offered.  We lost money but had no time to argue.  Left for Kunming at 1 P.M. and spent the evening converting our money into gold to go home.  George Paxton helped us out tremendously.  It is hard to believe but we are actually on our way home.


July 2, 1942                                                                                                       Kunming - Din Jan

Thursday -- Up early to sweat out a ride of some kind or other to Din-Jan.  Stayed at the First Hostel last night and had a pleasant drinking party with Bus Keeton and George Paxton.  There were no Army ships available so after much finagling some of us got rides with CNAC freight ships.  We got into Din Jan at dusk.  Due to a jam of traffic in Karachi there are no ships available here to send us on to Karachi so it looks as though we will have to spend a day or so here waiting for a ride.  It is very irksome but necessary for we are well out of civilization up here.  One good thing though, the grub is good.

July 3, 1942                                                                                                                          Din Jan

Friday -- Sweated a ride all day but nothing even of a promising nature showed up.  We sat around and talked with the Army boys who seemed to be mighty good fellows although damn near all of them are just youngsters out of school.  Col. Joplin, the Commanding Officer here used to be at the Duncan Field depot when I met him.  He is a heck of a good egg and is really trying to help us out.  Played some poker with the army boys tonight and won about $15.  Room rent for my stay at Din Jan.  Tomorrow is the 4th so more of the fellows will be in from China soon.  Hope they don't pile up here before we get a ride out.


July 4, 1942                                                                                                                            Din Jan

Saturday -- This was really quite a 4th for us.  Much less exciting than we had been planning it to be ever since we learned that it was going to be Independence Day for the A.V.G..  There were no rides out of Din Jan going west so we all sat around talking from early in the morning until late in the evening.  In the afternoon CNAC came in with Ed Goyette and Hank Geselbracht aboard.  Several others out of the Third Sq. were also on the ship but wen straight on through to Calcutta.  Yee, the Chinese operations officer had wonderful news for us tonight.  We are going out tomorrow with Capt. Sanders.  He will take us all the way to Karachi.  Some Stuff.


Ed. note:  Dad's diary ends with the July 4th entry.  I wish there were more.  I for one would like to know how he got home.  Hope you enjoyed it.