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   Seven prints are shown below:  'Victorys Ladder';  'Land of the setting sun I";  "Land of the setting sun II'; 'Anonymous Tiger', 'Efficiency', 'Fearless or foolish First Squadron',  and 'Kweilin P-40'.

   The A.V.G. photographer took a photo of Dad, Matt Kuykendall, and Joe Rosbert returning from the last major battle of the 'Flying Tigers' campaign.  (See World's Rarest Medal)  I have taken the liberty of expanding on that photo with my print called "Victorys Ladder" below.  These prints are available at a cost of $10 each.  Just contact me by e-mail if you want one.

   This version shown is very low resolution.  All the prints are high resolution on Canon paper from the Canon S900 printer, and I am really pleased with them.  The following is an explanation of the above Print:


     This print is based on a photograph taken by one of the First American Volunteer Group (A.V.G.) photographers the morning of June 12th, 1942 at Kweilin, China.  The First Pursuit Squadron of the A.V.G. had just encountered a group of Japanese bombers and fighters intent on bombing Kweilin.  
     That day two of the pilots in this three ship formation passed significant milestones.  The pilot of the first aircraft (lead), George Burgard, had just completed his 9th and 10th aerial combat victories of the A.V.G. campaign and became a double ace that day.  The pilot of the third aircraft, Joe Rosbert, had just completed 5th and 6th aerial combat victories officially becoming an ace that day.
     This battle proved to be the final major aerial battle of the A.V.G. campaign, for on July 4th, 1942 the A.V.G. was disbanded.  The A.V.G. was succeeded by the China Air Task Force (CATF) and later the U.S. Army Air Corps 14th Air Force.
     Two of the photographs used in this print were taken by my mother in 1943 for a collage she assembled of the twelve A.V.G. members who had joined American Export Airlines after returning from China.   American Export flew war materials to Europe for the duration of the war.  Those two were George Burgard, and Matthew Kuykendall.  The photograph of Joe Rosbert came from a photograph taken of him on top of a P40 wing a few days after June 12th.
     The two signatures of George Burgard and Matt (Kirk) Kuykendall came from a book autographed for my grandfather by the same American Export pilots.  The book was Flying Tigers, by Russell Whelan.  
     The Ten Star Wing Medal shown below my father is numbered on the reverse #1.  Only two of these medals were ever issued:  The one shown with my dad, and the #2 medal issued to another American Export pilot, Bob Neale.
     I found the original photograph to be a suitable ending to a very special chapter in military aviation history.  It also holds a special place in my family’s personal history.

   Please e-mail me at or if you want a copy.  The prints are available for $10 each.

   My second print is entitled: "Land of the setting sun I" and is available on the same basis as above.

   The next print is 'Land of the setting sun II'

   And the following print is 'Anonymous Tiger'

The print below is entitled 'Efficiency'.  See page Efficiency for explanation.

The followning print is one of my Dad's favorite photos which he entitled: 'The fearless or foolish first Squadron'

Below is the cover photo of Dad's photojournal.  It has been colorized.