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   Throughout Dad's diary there are references to his bad luck of being off duty when the enemy Japanese aircraft attacked the AVG airdromes.  After a careful review of Dad's diary and flight logs I find that Dad only met the enemy in the air on five occasions.  However Dad certainly made the most of those five occasions listed in the left margin.
   Not only were his encounters with the enemy few, but so were his hours in a P-40.  By the time of his first encounter Dad had 163 P-40 hours.  By the time of his last encounter he had a total of 304 P-40 hours.  To commemorate Dad's accomplishments in China-Burma-India I put together a composite photograph entitled, what else, 'Efficiency'.  
   This print is for sale in an 8 X 10 format for $10 in addition to those prints on the prints page.