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     Welcome to George Burgard's Flying Tiger web site: Home of the World's Rarest Medal, and a W.W.II history of the China-Burma P-40 air war led by Claire Lee Chennault trying to keep the Japanese out of China.  To navigate through the site click on the titles in the top banner.  "C.L.C. Letter" is a letter to George from General Chennault; "CAMCO" is a copy of the contract pilots signed for their employment; "Accounting" shows the total cost of the Flying Tigers activities.

     This site is built on a diary my dad wrote between September 24, 1941 and July 4, 1942, and my dad's photo journal which was completed after he returned from Burma-China.  The 180+ photos and original captions are available, in two versions, on a self playing CD-ROM.  The CD also contains an expanded George Burgard web site with high resolution photos of his collection, AVG reunion photos and the dairy.   See  Order CD .   I have also finished an 8" x 10" print entitled Victory's Ladder of Dad's June 12th, 1942 fly by of Kweilin airfield after victories 9 and 10.  Please take a look at this print and others and let me know what you think. Go to Prints.

     My dad had the great fortune, not only to survive, but to score 10+ victories while flying P-40's with the Flying Tigers.  For his 10 victories he received the Ten Star Wing Medal, Number 1 (double ace).  Eight of these victories were in February of 1942 in the defense of Rangoon, Burma over a period of six days.  His last two came the day he arrived at Kweilin, June 12, 1942.  This medal is numbered #1, and is only one of two known issued by the Chinese Government. World's Rarest Medal  Dad also received the Fourth Order of the Cloud Banner Medal from the Chinese government.  Only five were issued to Flying Tigers.

     To see General Chennault's records regarding 'Flying Tiger' medals and decorations go to Medals .

     The blue links on the left are some of my favorites about the American Volunteer Group and  W.W.II.  The other main areas of the site are listed above.   Before you leave don't forget the official Flying Tigers AVG Store. I hope you enjoy your visit and thanks very much for coming.